Knight Rider Character
Adrianne Margeaux
Arianne Margeaux
Actor Ann Turkel
Real Name Adrianne Margeaux
Alias(es) Adrianne St. Clair
Birth Date
Death Date 1985
Related Characters
Partners Garthe Knight

Adrianne Margeaux is a character form the original Knight Rider seires.


Adrianne Margeaux had dealings with George Atherton, a man who was once on the Foundation's board of directors.

Adrianne eventually wished to have Atherton's priceless art collection for herself. She some how learned of K.I.T.T. and wished to use his abilities to steal Atherton's collection.

Adrianne once got Michael Knight to stop and help her while posseing as an innocent stranded woman whose car had broken down, and after he rendered aid, she insisted he join her for a drink at her home. There, she mesmerised him with strange music. She then dumps Michael at the side of the road. Thanks to a young whiz kid Randy Merrit, whom she had recruted to help her hijack K.I.T.T. She tires to rob Mr. Atherton's collection on route. Thankfully her plan was foiled by Michael and K.I.T.T. and she's arrested.

A year later, Adrianne helps Garthe escape from prison, with the help of the newly rebuilt Goliath. She'd financed Goliath's repair, and the pair work together to kidnap a Swedish scientist Dr. Bergstrom, a brilliant physicist, to force him to use his genius for their own purposes. For thier plans to work Adrianne gives another man plastic surgery to look like Dr. Bergstrom so that his niece, Christina, and others would not get suspicious. Michael manages to find her mansion while looking for Garthe. He and K.I.T.T. encounter Goliath and then Michael gets captured by Garthe. Michael is put in a cell, but later manages to escape with K.I.T.T. using Adrianne's voice as a lure for the guards, and the two escape. As Michael and Christina try to rescue Devon and April. Garthe plans to overload the systems in the mansion to kill them. Adrianne and Garthe take Dr. Bergstrom in Goliath to meet a submarine to take the doctor out of the country. Michael arrives at the mansion and saves Devon and April by turning off the power. Michael then goes after Goliath to rescue Dr. Bergstrom. Michael manages to rescue the docotor; but Garthe spots them and follows Michael. Michael and K.I.T.T. go near the edge of a cliff and use the grappling hook to save themselves. Then, just as Garthe is about to ram K.I.T.T. and kill Michael, Adrianne, who has had an attraction to Michael for some time, turns the steering wheel to prevent Garthe from killing him. Goliath goes off the cliff and into the sea, killing Adrianne along with Garthe.




Episode Appearances


  • Although Ann Turkel is billed (including on-screen) as Adrianne St.Clair in Episode 217: Goliath Returns, she is in fact the same character, Adrianne Margeaux, that appeared previously in the season in 'Soul Survivor' (She is referred to by this name in dialogue).

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