Knight Rider Character
Billy Morgan
Billy Morgan
Actor Paul Campbell
Real Name
Birth Date
Death Date
Affiliations Knight Industries
Position Technician
Related Characters
Partners Zoe Chae

Billy Morgan is the head research technician at Knight Industries.


Billy is very squeamish. In Episode 101: Knight in Shining Armor, he throws up when the "package" has his thumb cut off, and then faints when KITT cauterizes the wound.

He collects comic books and sci-fi collectibles, and is a Doctor Who fan. He enjoys games such as Planetary Warcraft, Second Life and Gears of War. His hobbies also include making homemade rockets.

He has seven advanced degrees in math and physics, including

  • applied physics
  • quantum physics
  • mechanical engineering
  • electrical engineering
  • chemistry
  • discrete mathematics
  • applied mathematics

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