Knight Rider Character
David Dalton
Actor Robert Colbert
Real Name David Dalton
Birth Date
Death Date
Affiliations U.S. Government
Department of Justice
Related Characters Archibald Hendley
Joanna St. John
Partners Joanna St. John

David Dalton was a character originally created for a proposed series titled "All That Glitters".


David is a Vietnam veteran, now government agent helping people find justice with his physical agility, acrobatic skill, and martial arts expertise.

Accepting secret missions from his boss, Archibald Hendley on behalf of the United States Department of Justice.

In the pilot Episode 219: The Mouth of the Snake, Dalton and St. John work with Michael Knight and KITT to locate Eduardo O'Brien, a master criminal who has stolen a prototype rocket launcher.



David appears to have almost inhuman agility as well as acrobatic skills. He also appears to be a better martial artist than Michael.



  • Noting the limited roles of Michael and KITT in David's debut episode, the authors of Knight Rider Legacy state that "many fans consider this to be one of the worst episodes of Knight Rider ever produced during its four-year run" and that it posted a season-low in the Nielsen ratings. Feeling the format was too similar to Cover Up, a show Larson had created for CBS that began airing in September 1984, NBC declined to pick up All That Glitters as a series.

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