Knight Rider
Episode 104: Slammin' Sammy's Stunt Show Spectacular
Air Date October 22, 1982
Written by E. Paul Edwards
John Alan Schwartz
Director Bruce Bilson
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Episode 105: Just My Bill

Guest Cast

Eddie Firestone as Sammy Phillips

Susan Kase as Lisa Phillips

Phil Coccioletti as Mario Lutenzo

Marc Alaimo as Bill Gordon

Lin McCarthy as Lawrence Blake


Michael is assigned to investigate a dare-devil stunt show whose operator has taken a second mortgage with a disreputable businessman named Lawrence Blake. Blake's clients have a nasty habit of becoming victims of mysterious accidents and Blake stands to buy out their property when their businesses fail. Now Sammy has become disabled after he wrecks his car during a blind-folded auto stunt which is his show's grand finale. Michael joins the stunt show to replace Sammy and with K.I.T.T.'s abilities he becomes the star of the show. Blake presses his thug Gordon to get rid of him but Michael uncovers Gordon's sabotage as well the involvement of a fellow stunt man named Mario.


  • Although Devon was briefly seen in his office on the phone to Michael in the pilot, this episode is the first time that we have scenes of Michael and Devon in the office, on the Knight Estate. These scenes would become a recurring staple of future episodes, as Devon outlines Michael's current mission.