Knight Rider
Episode 105: Just My Bill
Air Date 29 October 1982
Written by
Director Sidney Hayers
Episode guide
Episode 104: Slammin' Sammy's Stunt Show Spectacular
Episode 106: Not a Drop to Drink

Guest Cast

Senator Maggie Flynn........Carole Cook

Senator Forbes........Bruce Gray

Jane Adams........Nancy Lee Grahn


Devon assigns Michael to protect Senator Maggie Flynn who has made enemies in her political crusade to fight a new energy bill, which if passed, will mean hundreds of citizens losing their homes to make way for a new (and unnecessary) power plant. After numerous attempts on her life, Michael decides for Maggie to hide out with Devon, much to his chagrin, while he conducts an investigation with Maggie's assistant Jane Adams. The two suspect Maggie's rival Senator Forbes and a nefarious businessman to be involved in the attacks.


  • In this episode KITT reveals that part of his circuitry was designed at Stanford.

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