Knight Rider
Episode 107: No Big Thing
Air Date 12 November 1982
Written by Judy Burns
Director Bernard L. Kowalski
Episode guide
Episode 106: Not a Drop to Drink
Episode 108: Trust Doesn't Rust

Guest Cast


While minding his own busniess, Devon Miles is pulled over in a small town for a minor traffic violation but the officers add "resisting arrest" to the charges and toss him in the slammer. Soon Devon's contact, Frank Reston, an investigative reporter, is brought in for a drunk and disorderly. Devon learns that Reston is about to bust the county's Judge Paxton on a corruption scheme, but soon Reston is taken away and eliminated. Paxton believes Devon is a potential witness and quietly transfers him to the state prison.

Meanwhile, the police give Michael the run around until he meets Carol, Reston's ex-wife, who believes her former husband and Devon are in trouble. Devon organizes a break out and Michael comes to his rescue. Now on the run, Devon must prove he is being set up by Paxton and bring him to justice.


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