Knight Rider
Episode 108: Trust Doesn't Rust
Air Date 19 November 1982
Written by Steven E. De Souza
Director Paul Stanley
Episode guide
Episode 107: No Big Thing
Episode 109: Inside Out

Guest Cast

K.A.R.R........Peter Cullen

Rev.......William Sanderson

Tony.......Michael MacRae


Two petty thieves, Tony and "The Rev", break into a warehouse full of equipment owned by Knight Industries and unwittingly reactivate K.A.R.R. (the Knight Automated Roving Robot), which was sitting in storage. Responding to the break in, Michael and K.I.T.T. arrive to see K.A.R.R. and the two thieves make a getaway.

Devon informs Michael that K.A.R.R. was K.I.T.T.'s prototype built by Wilton Knight, but unlike K.I.T.T., who is programmed to protect human life, K.A.R.R. was programmed for self-preservation. Michael questions why he was never told of the prototype, but Devon didn't see a need since he thought the car was dismantled.

The two thieves go on a crime spree, using K.A.R.R. to crash through bank vaults. Bonnie installs an experimental laser on K.I.T.T. which she believes will fry K.A.R.R.'s electronics but it only has two shots and limited range. While the thieves plot their next heist, K.A.R.R. informs them that he requires maintenance. Tony manages to kidnap Bonnie and takes her to their hideout.

Michael and K.I.T.T. come to her rescue but K.A.R.R. and Tony escape and break into a warehouse from which Tony makes off with a case of jewelry. At the scene, K.I.T.T. and K.A.R.R. have a stand off. Bonnie fires the laser but misses both times. K.A.R.R. ejects Tony's "extra weight" and makes a run for it, with Michael in hot pursuit. He chases K.A.R.R. to a seaside drive where he plays a deadly game of head-on "chicken". He correctly assumes that K.A.R.R.'s self-preservation programming to keep him from actually driving into K.I.T.T. However when K.A.R.R. swerves he goes over a cliff and falls into the ocean.


  • KITT makes reference to 'Zeno's Paradox', describing it as "What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object?" This is actually known as the "irresistible force paradox" and is wrongly attributed to Zeno of Elea.

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