Knight Rider
Episode 109: Inside Out
Air Date November 26, 1982
Written by Steven E. De Souza
Director Peter Crane
Episode guide
Episode 108: Trust Doesn't Rust
Episode 110: The Final Verdict

Guest Cast


Michael poses as a criminal wheelman called Dugan, after capturing the real driver and locking him up in a trailer. As Dugan, Michael infiltrates an organization led by the retired General Kincaid who trains his people in a criminal boot camp. He quickly becomes interested in Linda, a young woman who really wants out but says Kincaid can blackmail her if she tries to leave.

Snooping around the camp, Michael learns Kincaid's plan is to break into a maximum security prison and free some of his captured associates. Michael sends KITT out to warn Devon of the plan, but he is shocked when he finds out that Kincaid's real plan has been to hijack a shipment of gold. Still posing as Dugan, Michael assists in the gold heist until he can contact Devon about the change of plans. Kincaid is already suspicious of Michael but things get serious when the real Dugan escapes the trailer and arrives at the camp to expose Michael as a fraud.


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