Knight Rider
Episode 110: The Final Verdict
Air Date December 3, 1982
Written by
Director Bernard L. Kowalski
Episode guide
Episode 109: Inside Out
Episode 111: A Plush Ride

Guest Cast


Michael goes to Aberqueque, New Mexico to visit Cheryl Burns, a prison inmate, and close friend who has been accused of murdering her boss. Cheryl insists she's innocent but her only alibi lies with a nerdy accountant named Marty Kean who was with her at a bar on the night of the crime.

Michael tries to locate Kean but finds he is the center of a police probe into the Falcon Corporation, a construction firm suspected of "cooking the books" for their accounts. Afraid that Michael is either a nosy cop or one of his boss' thugs, Kean plays hard to get and avoids Michael until he can convince him he is neither and just wants him to testify at Cheryl's trial. To earn Kean's trust, Michael helps him bring down his dubious employer and get the cops off his back.


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