Knight Rider
Episode 111: A Plush Ride
Air Date December 10, 1982
Written by Gregory S. Dinallo
Director Sidney Hayers
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Episode 110: The Final Verdict
Episode 112: Forget Me Not

Guest Cast

William Lucking as Redmond

Wendy Fulton as Margo Wells

Hector Elias as Lopez

Michael Carven as Jacobs

M.C. Gainey as Jason Keller

Don Mantooth as Corey


Michael infiltrates a bodyguard-chauffeur driving school operated by a man called Redmond. The Foundation believes one of the students may be an assassin plotting to eliminate a group of third world leaders meeting at a secret conference. Michael first suspects a woman named Margo Wells who secretly packs a weapon, but then another student named Jacobs uses real ammo to gun Michael down during an exercise.

Margo comes to Michael's rescue and kills Jacobs. With the assassin taken care of, Michael departs, but something doesn't seem right. He returns to the school and finds Jacobs alive and well. Jacobs and the other students tie Michael up and prepare their operation to ambush the foreign leaders once they land at a private airport.