Knight Rider
Episode 112: Forget Me Not
Air Date December 17, 1982
Written by
Director Gil Bettman
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Episode 113: Hearts of Stone

Guest Cast

María Conchita Alonso as Marie Elena Casafranca

Alejandro Rey as Rudy del Fuego

Judy Landers as Micki Bradburn

Reid Shelton as David Burns / The Eagle

Victor Millan as Eduardo Casafranca


Michael works with Marie Elena, a woman whose father, Eduardo Casafranca, is a South American leader visiting the United States. Her father is due to arrive any day, but Marie is concerned a rival figure, Rudy del Fuego, may have hired an assassin to kill him. Michael infiltrates del Fuego's private party to snoop around. There he meets a blonde woman named Micki who has had too much to drink and passes out in a bedroom. When del Fuego and his assassin discuss the killing they discover Micki in bed and decide to get rid of her. Michael witnesses del Fuego's thugs take Micki away and gives chase. Micki fights back and bails from the car, falling down a ravine and bashing her head. Michael saves her and takes her back to Marie's condo. She later awakens but she has no memory of what happened or who she really is. As time runs out for Eduardo's visit, Michael must help Micki remember who the assassin is before he strikes.