Knight Rider
Episode 113: Exit Light, Enter Knight
Air Date January 28, 2009
Written by Gary Scott Thompson
Director Gay Scott Thompson
Episode guide
Episode 112: Knight to King's Pawn
Episode 114: Fight Knight


Mike jumps into the thick of a bank heist and tries to stop it, but instead becomes one of the robbers' hostages. Oddly, the robbers do not seem interested in the bank's money. Apparently, they have a specific plan that includes the safe deposit boxes and the husband of one of their hostages. Unable to communication with K.I.T.T. and the team, Mike tries to enlist the help of the other hostages to stop the robbers from escaping. Unfortunately, one of the so-called hostages is one of the robbers, which makes Mike's job even more difficult.

Guest Cast


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  • This episode was originally episode 17. After the series was cut 5 episodes, the remaining 4 episodes after the series "reboot" were reordered.

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