Knight Rider
Episode 114: Give Me Liberty... or Give Me Death
Air Date 21 January 1983
Written by David Braff
Director Bernard L. Kowalski
Episode guide
Episode 113: Hearts of Stone
Episode 115: The Topaz Connection

Guest Cast


Michael enters K.I.T.T. in an alternative fuel race where the coordinator, Dr. Kempler, believes someone is conducting sabotage. Kempler and Devon feel an oil-producing nation would like to see the advanced fuel technologies fail. Michael investigates every driver's background, but a nosey magazine reporter, Liberty Cox becomes his prime suspect, especially after he uncovers her long criminal record and a radio detonator device in her luggage.

Little does Michael know, Liberty is being set up by the real saboteur; a ruthless cable television sponsor Clark Sellers, who stands to make a killing off of the filming rights of the race if every car makes a "spectacular crash".


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