Knight Rider
Episode 116: A Nice Indecent Little Town
Air Date 18 February 1983
Written by Frank Telford
Director Gil Betteman
Episode guide
Episode 115: The Topaz Connection
Episode 117: Chariot of Gold

Guest Cast


Michael poses as a freelance bounty hunter looking to capture a counterfeiter named Ron Austin. He tracks the criminal to the small town of Alpine Crest. At the same time, Devon is giving the town a Foundation award for the city with the lowest crime rate per capita. While following Austin, Michael befriends Jobina Bruce, a local reporter looking for a big story; but little does he know Jobina is also working for a CIA agent named Larken, who is conducting his own investigation of a local religious printing business, "Hallelujah Press". While Michael tries to make a connection between Austin and Barnswell (the print shop owner), he is arrested by Sheriff Moore, a corrupt official who also has K.I.T.T. impounded. Michael soon realizes that Moore may have a hand in the counterfeiting scheme as well.


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