Knight Rider
Episode 116: A Nice Indecent Little Town
Air Date February 18, 1983
Written by Frank Telford
Director Gil Betteman
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Episode 115: The Topaz Connection
Episode 117: Chariot of Gold

Guest Cast

Norman Burton as Barnswell

John Crawford as Sheriff Moore

Jean Bruce Scott as Jobina

Eric Server as Agent Larkin

Amzie Strickland as Martha Haberstraw

Luke Askew as Ron Austin

Charles Bartlett as Deputy Hanks

Stacy MacGregor as Deputy Cole


Michael poses as a freelance bounty hunter looking to capture a counterfeiter named Ron Austin. He tracks the criminal to the small town of Alpine Crest. At the same time, Devon is giving the town a Foundation award for the city with the lowest crime rate per capita. While following Austin, Michael befriends Jobina Bruce, a local reporter looking for a big story; but little does he know Jobina is also working for a CIA agent named Larken, who is conducting his own investigation of a local religious printing business, "Hallelujah Press". While Michael tries to make a connection between Austin and Barnswell (the print shop owner), he is arrested by Sheriff Moore, a corrupt official who also has K.I.T.T. impounded. Michael soon realizes that Moore may have a hand in the counterfeiting scheme as well.