Knight Rider
Episode 117: Chariot of Gold
Air Date February 25, 1983
Written by William Schmidt
Director Bernard L. Kowalski
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Episode 118: White Bird

Guest Cast

Theodore Bikel as Graham Deauville

George McDaniel as Peter Stark

Lynne Topping as Charlene Hanover

Sandy Helberg as Irving Farber

Garnett Smith as Dr. Jim Litton

Lorinne Vozoff as Ellen Sullivan


Michael investigates an archeological dig, but his contact, Dr. Litton, suddenly goes insane and slips into a coma. Elsewhere, Devon and Bonnie speak with Litton's partner, Dr. Graham Deauville, who is also the leader of the prestigious "Helios Society", an organization of genius minds. Deauville has just inducted Bonnie and Devon into the society and invites them to a ceremony. Michael attends the gathering and learns Litton is just the latest member of Helios to fall victim to a mysterious death.

Eventually, Michael stumbles upon an elaborate plot learning Litton was killed because he discovered the burial artifacts were fakes and the dig site is a front for something bigger.

Meanwhile, Deauville puts Bonnie under mind control and has her lure Michael into a trap. Next, Bonnie reprograms K.I.T.T. to assist in a museum gold heist; just one of Deauville's phases in a much larger scheme; to fund the building of an underground complex that he believes will save him from the nuclear armageddon of World War III. When Michael comes to rescue Bonnie and stop the heist, he finds K.I.T.T. standing in his way and programmed with orders to kill him.