Knight Rider
Episode 204: Blind Spot
Air Date October 23, 1983
Written by Jackson Gillis
Director Bernard L. Kowaalski
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Episode 203: Merchants of Death
Episode 205: Return to Cadiz

Guest Cast

Elyssa Davalos.......Julie Robinson

Sam Vlahos.........Alfredo Diaz

John Milford........Louis R. Gastner

Michael J. London.........Dudley

Arthur Taxier........Mel


The Foundation receives a strange phone call from a worker at a wrecking yard who claims the owner is exploiting illegal immigrants as slave labor, and who murdered one who opposed him. The caller only wants to make an evidence drop and prefers to remain anonymous. Michael goes to fetch the evidence at a shopping mall parking lot and keeps an eye out for the tipster. Two gunmen show up and shoot a man they believe to be the snitch, then escape in a Porsche. The victim however, is an innocent bystander, John; the boyfriend of a blind woman named Julie Robinson. The gunmen see Julie with her guide dog and are relieved that she can't identify them by sight. So Michael proposes that she goes driving with K.I.T.T, and make them think she can see, to entrap them. Julie also identifies the caller by hearing his voice on KITT's recording. But the crooks make her their next target. Michael must now protect Julie who is caught up in the situation she had nothing to do with and expose the ruthless businessman behind the shooting.