Knight Rider
Episode 209: Ring of Fire
Air Date 4 December 1983
Written by Janis Hendler
Director Winrich Kolbe
Episode guide
Episode 208: Soul Survivor
Episode 210: Knightmares

Guest Cast


April and Michael abort a test of KITT's new "Pyroclastic Lamination" (which will protect him from sustained heat up to 800 degrees), when Devon interrupts and gives Michael a tape recording of a distressed Cajun woman named Lela Callan. Lela is afraid her murderous ex-husband Cray, who has just escaped from a Louisiana chain gang, may try to kill her for testifying against him at his trial.

Michael goes to the bayou to investigate and soon meets a reverend who says he sent the tape. The reverend is then shot by Cray and Michael gives chase, but KITT has an unexpected systems malfunction and becomes stuck in the swamp. Michael looks for help but is attacked by hound dogs and taken to a shack where Lela is hiding. Meanwhile, Cray and a gang of criminal bounty hunters begin a manhunt for Lela. With KITT struggling to remain operational, Michael must find a way out of the swamp, which Cray has set ablaze, and rescue Lela who is trapped in a cabin filled with dynamite.


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