Knight Rider
Episode 210: Knightmares
Air Date December 11, 1983
Written by Tom Greene
Janis Hendler
Director Sidney Hayers
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Episode 209: Ring of Fire
Episode 211: Silent Knight

Guest Cast

Cara Caulfield.........Laura Bruneau

Nurse........Susan Kellermann

Frank........Mike Genovese


While Michael is chasing down a suspect who leads him to an abandoned dam, but the suspect gives him the slip. Michael finds a secret door, but the thug ambushes him and tosses a grenade. Michael narrowly avoids the blast and is injured.

He later awakens in a hospital with a concussion and the only thing he remembers is his former identity; police officer Michael Long. He eventually returns to his old precinct but the police there tell him he's been "dead" for two years. In shock and suffering from amnesia, Michael becomes more confused especially after a driverless, talking car begins following him around. KITT returns him to the Foundation where Devon and April try to explain his past, but Michael refuses to believe any of it and leaves. KITT follows and convinces him to retrace his steps back to the dam. Bombarded with flashbacks, Michael must recall his identity as Michael Knight and find the man who tried to kill him.


  • "Swamp Fox" was the nickname of Francis Marion, a Revolutionary War general.
  • The hospital where Michael is recovering from the injuries sustained in the explosion is called the Hoff Medical Center, an reference to David Hasselhoff.