Knight Rider
Episode 211: Silent Knight
Air Date December 18, 1983
Written by Robert Gilmer
Janis Hendler
Director Bruce Kessler
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Guest Cast

Paul La Greca........Tino

Janet DeMay........Marta

Stephen Liska.........Casey

Giorgio Tozzi........Stephano

Robert Miranda.........Paolo

Lloyd Alan........Nick


Michael goes to a small town to shop for a tuxedo for the Foundation's annual Christmas banquet, but he accidentally hits a Gypsy boy named Tino. He claims to be hurt and Michael begins to drive him to a hospital, but a quick scan by KITT determines the boy is fine and he has a very expensive gold watch on his person. Although Tino denies it, he lifted the watch from a group of men and Michael takes him to the police. The police inform Michael the watch was stolen during a bank robbery and the men are suspects. The crooks aren't finished with Tino yet. Fearing the boy can identify them, they try to hunt him down. Michael meets Tino's worried sister Marta and suggests to her that Tino "lie low" for a while at his Uncle Stephano's camp until the cops find the suspects. Marta's devious boyfriend Nick, however, has personal connections to the crooks, and informs them where to find Tino. Marta is disgusted by Nick's betrayal and goes after her brother, warning Michael that he is still in danger. Now he must find the troubled teen before the robbers do.


  • The soundtrack includes:
"Gypsy" by Fleetwood Mac.