Knight Rider
Episode 216: Speed Demons
Air Date February 12, 1984
Written by Tom Greene
Janis Hendler
Director Bruce Seth Green
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Episode 215: Race for Life
Episode 217: Goliath Returns

Guest Cast

John Macchia........Kelly Travis

Lydia Cornell.........Sabrina Travis

Bruce Bauer........Lee Carstairs

Madison Mason.........Roger Floyd

Christine De Lisle........Darlena Webster (as Christine DeLisle)

Michael Champion.........Wade Fontaine

Ethan Wayne........[[Danny Duvall]

Kurt Fuller.......Cameraman


After sponsoring a charity dirt bike race, the Foundation receives information that the deadly crash in last year's event was the result of murder. More specifically, the death of Danny Duvall, a champion endurance racer. At the track, Michael learns Duvall had enemies; namely Lee Carstairs, (a flamboyant, highly-promoted racer), and Wade Fontane, (a jealous hothead who wants Duvall's girlfriend Sabrina Travis). Sabrina is also the sister of Kelly Travis, a fellow racer and Duvall's best friend. Kelly was injured in the crash and nearly paralyzed, but Michael is impressed that he still has the will to race.

Michael keeps a close eye on Kelly especially after someone tries to sabotage his bike. Michael chases the saboteur who gets away on the dirt track where K.I.T.T. cannot follow, but soon, April fits KITT with a new traction system that will help him ride the rough terrain. Meanwhile, Michael finds out the saboteur is Sabrina, who fears for her brother's life and wanted to stop him from racing, but Kelly is determined to get the win for Danny. As the race begins, Michael is at a loss for the killer's motive, but he soon learns Carstairs' high-income promotional contracts have expired and he needs a win to keep his sponsors interested. KITT gets a test of his new traction system when Michael enters the race to stop Carstairs from carrying out his deadly plan.