Knight Rider
Episode 218: A Good Knight's Work
Air Date March 4, 1984
Written by Richard C. Okie
Director Sidney Hayers
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Episode 219: The Mouth of the Snake

Guest Cast

Cameron Zachary........John Vernon

Gina Adams........Alexa Hamilton

Dave Collins........Dana Gladstone

Jake Simpson........Robert O'Reilly


An international criminal named Cameron Zachary discovers Michael Long is still alive as Michael Knight. In fact, it was Zachary who planned the original hit on Long that failed when the assassin, his lover Tanya Walker, was killed. Zachary not only seeks revenge against Long, but also schemes to get his hands on Wilton Knight's dream; the Knight Industries 2000 (K.I.T.T.).

In a seemingly unrelated case, Michael helps Gina Adams, a toy designer who claims the Triple M Toy company stole the schematics for her high-tech "Mighty Mouth" teddy bear. After breaking into Triple M, Michael discovers the factory is doing more than making toys and is secretly producing a hand held laser weapon. Michael also finds Zachary's thugs waiting for him and barely escapes. He now believes Triple M is a front company for Zachary and Gina set him up. He confronts her, but Zachary's thugs arrive and hold her hostage.

Michael has no choice but to meet their demands and hand over KITT who Michael orders to shutdown. The thugs lock KITT inside a truck and Michael is taken to meet Zachary face-to-face. Michael's only chance of escape is a new secret homing device that remotely activates KITT and brings him to the rescue.


  • Mighty Mouth insults Michael by saying, "Nice mouth, cute figure, two more legs, and you'd look like Trigger." Trigger was the horse ridden by Roy Rogers in his films.