Knight Rider
Episode 220: Let it Be Me
Air Date 13 May 1984
Written by Robert Foster
Robert Gilmer
Director Bernard McEveety
Episode guide
Episode 219: The Mouth of the Snake
Episode 221: Big Iron

Guest Stars

Stevie March........Catherine Hickland

Jimmy........Randy Polk

Paul Brock........Michael C. Gwynne


Greg Noble, the lead singer of the rock band "Class Action", is found dead from a drug overdose. His duet singer Stevie March, believes Greg was murdered and contacts the Foundation. Michael knows Stevie well since she is really Stephanie Mason, Michael Long's former fiancée, who he helped on a previous mission. With her identity changed in a witness protection program, Stevie joined a rock band and started her life over. Michael infiltrates the group by becoming their new lead singer.

Michael and Stevie find one of Greg's videotapes contains a single frame of binary computer code hidden among performance footage. Michael decides to investigate the band's producer, Barbara Bellingham, who has a master tape hidden in a safe. He gets the tape to April who deciphers the code as airline schedules and weights for what she believes to be drug shipments. Soon, Stevie stumbles upon her manager, Paul Block, and her producer scheming their plans to transmit the code to a fellow drug smuggler. Now Michael must give the performance of his life to protect Stevie and stop her producer's plot.


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