Knight Rider
Episode 221: Big Iron
Air Date 27 May 1984
Written by Julie Friedgen
Director Bernard L. Kowalski
Episode guide
Episode 220: Let it Be Me
Episode 301: Knight of the Drones

Guest Cast

Frank Sanderson........Stuart Whitman

Lucy Sanderson........Patch Mackenzie

Lloyd Newald........Myron Healey


Michael heads to Tucson to investigate the theft of construction equipment from Frank Sanderson, a struggling contractor who stands to lose everything if his projects aren't completed on schedule. Michael's first suspect is Frank's former business partner, Lloyd Newald, especially after Michael finds a freshly repainted bulldozer on his lot that is similar to one recently stolen from Frank's job site. Newald hotly denies being a thief, but Michael knows Newald's financial problems could be a motive.

Needing more proof, Michael tracks down the stolen equipment in a remote quarry, but he and K.I.T.T. are attacked. A bulldozer pushes KITT into a ravine and buries him under tons of dirt. Michael and KITT barely escape the pit and give chase to the men leaving the site, but KITT is damaged and cannot keep up. Michael tracks the getaway truck's licence plates back to Newald and pays him another visit. Newald still denies being involved and offers to help find the real thieves.

A surprising lead develops when Michael discovers Frank's wife Lucy, is having an affair with a dubious equipment dealer named Vance Burke, whose operation may involve stolen vehicles. With Frank and Lloyd's help, Michael lays a trap with a bulldozer as bait to catch Burke and his thugs in the act.


  • Michael calls KITT's 'Trajectory Guide' "April's new gadget," even though it had been seen used at least once before. In reality, this episode, despite being shown last in the season, was one of the first produced (as reflected in the production number).

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