Knight Rider
Episode 301: Knight of the Drones
Air Date 30 September 1984
Written by Robert Foster
Gerald Sanford
Director Sidney Hayers
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Episode 221: Big Iron
Episode 302: The Ice Bandits

Guest Cast

C.J. Jackson........Jim Brown

Margo Sheridan........Barbara Stock

Jared Martin........Dr. David Halston

Peter Wong........Evan Kim


Michael meets up with Bonnie at a university research center in San Francisco to convince her to return to the Foundation. Elsewhere, a criminal mastermind named Margo Sheridan rounds up high-tech criminals (including Bonnie's college advisor) to pull a robbery at the Federal Reserve Bank. Halfway through the episode, KITT gets destroyed by a rocket shot at his exhaust system.

Bonnie rebuilds K.I.T.T., giving him new improvements including the newly designed dashboard and the Anamorphic Synthesiser. Later, Michael faces off with Margo Sheridan, David Halston, and his robotic drone cars that he unleashes to eliminate him.


  • After many fan complaints when the character of Bonnie was dropped from the series for season two, Patricia McPherson returned to reprise the role in this episode.
  • What has become of April is not mentioned.
  • It's explained in this episode that Wilton Knight and The Foundation had someone other than Michael in mind for the position as KITT's driver. A one Ken Franklin, who Devon discribed as being very similar to Michael. The only notable diffrence apparantly being that Franklin was not a police officer.
  • The opening credits are unique for this episode and feature shots of KITT from previous seasons so as not to show the new design he would acquire during this episode.

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