Knight Rider
Episode 401: Knight of the Juggernaut
Air Date 20 September 1985
Written by Burton Armus
Robert Foster
Director Georg Fenady
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Guest Cast

Phillip Nordstrom.....John Considine

Jim Hower......Nicholas Worth

Dr. Von Furst......Mary Woronov

Marta Simmons......Pamela Susan Shoop

Jennifer Knight......Mary Kate McGeehan

Lloyd......Laurence Haddon


Michael goes to Chicago on an assignment to guard a valuable isotope. Elsewhere, Wilton Knight's daughter, Jennifer unexpectantly suspends FLAG's operations and Michael and KITT find themselves out of a job. Meanwhile, an international terrorist kidnaps Devon Miles and replaces him with a surgically altered impostor as a plot to get his hands on the isotope. Devon's changed behavior alerts Michael's suspicions and he disobeys orders to "take a vacation" until he finds out what is going on. Clues lead to a warehouse, where KITT's Molecular bounded Shell is unknowingly neutralized by a chemical sprayer and he and Michael are attacked by an armored vehicle against whom KITT cannot defend.

KITT is nearly destroyed in the armored car attack, and Bonnie is unable to repair him without Devon Miles' assistance or FLAG's facilities. She and Michael enlist the help of a friendly street kid named RC3, whose gang of friends take KITT to their garage to rebuild him. KITT is reborn with some new gadgets including a rocket-fast "super pursuit" mode. Michael must now race to save the real Devon and prevent the theft of the isotope.


  • It was never made clear whether KITT got his MBS back after this episode.