Knight Rider
Episode 406: Knight Sting
Air Date 8 November 1985
Written by Herman Miller
Director Sidney Hayers
Episode guide
Episode 405: The Wrong Crowd
Episode 407: Many Happy Returns

Guest Cast

Gaye Hollenbeck........Beth Miller

Vascone........Kabir Bedi

Simon Carascas........Walter Gotell


Bonnie poses as a jetsetter in order to infiltrate a foreign embassy planning to smuggle a canister of deadly bacteria out of the country. KITT even goes undercover as a rare foreign car.


  • The scene of the gas being tested on a monkey at the episode's beginning was taken from the Airwolf episode, "Proof Through the Night".
  • After KITT melts off his plastic disguise shell, Michael knocks a bad guy into the residue and comments, "You've just been slimed," a reference to the movie Ghostbusters.

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