Knight Rider
Episode 421: Voo Doo Knight
Air Date 4 April 1986
Written by Tim Kring
Tim Kring (story)
Deborah Dean Davis (story)
Director Georg Fenady
Episode guide
Episode 420: Knight of the Rising Sun
Knight Rider: 2008 film

Guest Cast

Donald Crane........Henry Gibson

Voo Doo Princess Harana / Bonita Vance........Rosalind Cash

Elizabeth Wesley........Christie Hauser


Michael tries to stop a voodoo woman who is using mind control on innocent people and forcing them to commit crimes for her.


  • Donald Crane says that like Blanche DuBois, he's "relied on the kindness of strangers," quoting a character from Tennessee Williams' 1947 play A Streetcar Named Desire.
  • Though credited, Patricia McPherson does not appear in this episode.

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