Knight Rider Character
Erica West
Erica West
Actor Kathy Trageser
Real Name Erika West
Birth Date
Death Date
Affiliations F.L.A.G.
Position F.L.A.G. driver
Related Characters
Partners Kat

Erika West is a member of Team Knight Rider. Erika is the primary driver of Kat.


Before joining the team, Erica was a very successful con-artist until her ex-husband betrayed her and left her to face the police while he ran off with the goods. Her only hope of escaping her life of imprisonment was to join The Foundation. When she was approached, she jumped at the chance.


Erica has a bit of an attitude, especially towards her partner, Kat, nonetheless she is just as loyal to TKR as the rest of her teammates. She provides unique insight to each mission and is not afraid to speak her mind. Though her methods seem strange and sometimes unprofessional, they often prove useful.

Erica and Trek share a brother-sister relationship, and often treat each other accordingly. While her relationship with Kat is much like that of a rebellious daughter and her slightly overbearing mother.



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