Knight Rider Character
Jenny Andrews
Jenny Andrews
Actor Christine Steel
Real Name Jenny Andrews
Birth Date
Death Date
Affiliations F.L.A.G.
Position F.L.A.G. driver
Related Characters
Partners Domino

Jenny Andrews is a member of Team Knight Rider. Jenny is Domino's primary driver.


Jenny is also a disciplined gymnast, martial arts expert. Jenny grew up in an all-military family. Her father and all five older brothers are involved in various branches of the military.

A few years ago Jenny discovered she was adopted, and has since been trying to determine the mysterious identity of her real father.


Jenny is a very dedicated member of the TKR team, and is second in command. Her drive to succeed and loyalty to her teammates are both crucial to her excellent performance record. She is also a good friend to all of her teammates, and treats Trek like a little brother. Like Kyle, she cares for all of them.  She and Kyle have a mutual attraction one another, but are not romantically involved.

When she's not on official business, Jenny spends most of her time working out in the gym. She is not one to spend her time on frivolous things, and often has a hard time having fun. As she spends more time with Domino, Erica and Trek, however, she eventually learns how to let loose a bit more.



  • One episode of the series suggested that Jenny may be the daughter of Michael Knight, however the question was never answered.

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