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Knight Industries Cargo Plane

The Knight Industries Cargo Plane is a plane owned and operated by the Research and Development Division of Knight Industries. It functions as a mobile garage for the K.I.T.T. and as a mobile Headquarters for employees and operatives of the Satellite Surveillance Center. The cargo plane fills most of the same functions that the F.L.A.G. Mobile Unit served in the original series. The cargo plane meets its demise in Day Turns Into Knight.



The plane is a military grade C-130 Hercules cargo plane. It is unmarked and painted a grayish green. It has a ramp the extends from the back. On the side of the ramp is the Knight Industries name and it is the only moniker that states it is operated by K.I.


The aft/cargo section of the plane is for transport and maintenance of K.I.T.T. On the port side is seating for the occupants. On the starboard side are storage compartments and computers for the maintenance of K.I.T.T. One of Dr. Graimen's A.I. Robotworx Robots, Hank, was installed in this section later on in Episode 111: Day Turns Into Knight. The cockpit is a standard C-130 cockpit. There are three seats in the cabin: Front Port - Pilot, Front Starboard - Co-Pilot, Back Center - Passenger.


The pilot of the plane is named Gus, an elderly gentleman. The Co-Pilot is named Josh, a younger man. It seems that they were both part of the Air-Force at one point. Gus always has an optimistic look on the ability of the plane. In contrast, however, Josh clings to the specs and published capabilities of the aircraft, sometimes appearing to have a pessimistic view. Josh jumps from the plane when Gus decides to attempt a crash landing instead of ditching it. Gus however dies aboard the aircraft it the attempted crash landing. It is unknown whether either of them were rouge and purposely set the plane up to explode.

Featured Episodes

The cargo plane is featured as a major location in "Knight of the Living Dead". Mike, Sarah and K.I.T.T. are on their way back from a mission when they loose contact with the S.S.C. and K.I.T.T.'s self-destruct sequence is activated. Mike and Sarah try to disarm the sequence before K.I.T.T., and with him the plane, explode. In a final effort to save themselves, Mike tries to jettison K.I.T.T. but the ramp jams and Mike, Sarah and the pilots prepare to evacuate the plane. K.I.T.T. is disarmed and the plane lands safely in California.


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