Laser button as it appeared in Season 2.

Activated KITT's Laser Power Pack, mounted right under KITT's scanner. KITT can fire a high powered ultra-frequency modulated laser capable of burning through steel plating. Like most of KITT's components, the schematics for the laser device are classified.
Laser in action

Laser being fired.

("Goliath";"Soul Survivor")

The only thing KITT has to deflect the Laser's bolts are a set of High Tinsel Reflectors.

("KITT vs. KARR")

The Laser was also referred to by Michael and KITT in "Knightmares". The Laser Power Pack seems to be a updated form of the Resonating Laser first used in "Trust Doesn't Rust".

The Laser button was later made into two buttons for Season 3 and 4: Arm Laser and Aim Laser.

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