Knight Rider Character
Michael Knight
Actor David Hasselhoff
Real Name Michael Arthur Long
Alias(es) Michael Knight
Birth Date January 9, 1949
January 13, 1953
(driver license)
Death Date
Affiliations Knight Industries
Related Characters Jennifer Traceur (Deceased ex-girlfriend)
Stephanie "Stevie" March Mason (Deceased ex-girlfriend)
Wilton Knight ("Father")
Garthe Knight ("Brother")
Jennifer Knight ("Sister")
Michael Knight II (son)
Partners K.I.T.T.
Shawn McCormick

Michael Knight in the 2008 Knight Rider movie.

Michael Knight is the lead character in Knight Rider, and has appeared in both of the spinoff movies. An operative of The Foundation for Law and Government (F.L.A.G.), he works with the intelligent car K.I.T.T. to fight crime.


Michael Knight was born Michael Long. An Army intelligence veteran of the Vietnam War, Long worked as a police detective. In the midst of a case, he was double-crossed, led out into the desert, shot in the face and left for dead.

Rescued by Wilton Knight, through plastic surgery his injuries are repaired. He is given a "new" face, fingerprints, and life as Michael Knight. Wilton chose to use the face of his assumed-to-be imprisoned son, Garthe Knight as a basis for Michael's new identity.

After Wilton dies, Michael demands that Devon Miles give him his car and let him go to find the people that had set him up and attempted to murder him. Devon insists that Michael take KITT with him as Wilton had requested. Michael left with KITT and captured the people who had tried to murder him. And so began the journey of a man who does not exist.

In 1984, Michael finds out that there was a hit put out on Michael Long by Tayna's lover Cameron Zachary, which is why Michael was shot.


Michael is always a ladies' man. Michael was a special type of hero, a modern knight in shining armor who avoided violence whenever possible.


The skills Michael brings to his job are self-defense training, intelligence, law enforcement experience, and a preference to work alone.


  • Michael has a son, Mike Traceur. The details of why Michael had to leave his son are unknown, although it is assumed that it was related to his job driving KITT.


  • In Episode 301: Knight of the Drones, it is revealed that prior to Michael Long/Knight FLAG had a prospective "Knight" driver who was murdered; however, this was never mentioned in any other episode.
  • His favorite foods are steak, eggs, and greasy fried potatoes.

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