Also known as the Electrical Jammer. KITT could use it to play havoc on electrical systems. It could also be used to cause poltergeist activity by moving small objects.

The three main components are:

  • Electromagnetic Field Generator - creates electric currents.
  • Electronic Field Disruptor - could disrupt electronic devices.
  • Microwave Ignition Sensor - could activate another vehicles engines, put automatic gearboxes in gear and control the throttle

The system could take control of electronic machines, allowing things like cheating at slot machines, breaking electronic locks, fouling security cameras, and withdrawing money from ATMs.

("Inside Out" "The Final Verdict" "The Nineteenth Hole")


Micro Jam

Micro-Jam in action

Micro Jam being used to disrupt the systems of an escaping helicopter.

Micro Jam

Micro Jam button as it appeared in Season 3 and 4

Not to be confused with Microlock, which can jam the brakes on another vehicle

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