Knight Rider Character
Actor David McCallum
Real Name
Birth Date
Death Date
Related Characters
Partners Starr

Mobius is a ruthless man who first appeared in "The A List". He is behind most of the schemes Team Knight Rider must work to prevent and is the cause of much of their pain.


Mobius seems to have a personal vendetta against TKR, Kyle Stewart in particular, and takes great pleasure in teasing them and playing games with them.

Not much is known about who Mobius really is. Mobius himself seems to be suffering from some kind of disease, confining him to a powered-up wheelchair and making him speak through tubes.


Mobius had a girlfriend named Starr, an amatur artist. She seems to despise the team almost as much as Mobius. Mobius is very protectful of Starr.



  • There was a strong possibility that Mobius would have turned out to be Kyle Stewart's father. And that Kyle and Michael Knight would have faced him in order to retreive the kidnapped KITT.

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