Knight Rider Character
Actor Steve Forrest
Real Name K.I.T.T. (2000)
Alias(es) Shadow
Birth Date
Death Date
Affiliations The Foundation for Law and Government
Related Characters
Partners Michael Knight

Shadow is a mysterious stranger, and an old foe of Mobius.


The Shadow was a hologram of the A. I. called KITT possing as a mysterious man, trying to help the TKR team. His main CPU unit had apparently been housed inside Sky One without anyones knowledge. Most likely placed there by Michael Knight or Devon Miles.


The Shadow (KITT) has been shown to be very helpful. In fact, one time he helped Erica West to rescue Jenny from a life in prison.


Shadow was actually a hologram that looks like an adult human male.


  • Rick Copp, an executive producer for Team Knight Rider had thought that to rescue KITT from Mobius' clutches. He was planning the possibility of bringing back Garth Knight as well as Goliath.
  • There was also a strong possibility that the man who stole KITT would have been Kyle Stewart's father. And that Kyle and Michael Knight would have faced him in order to retreive KITT.

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