Knight Rider Character
Tanya Walker
Actor Phyllis Davis
Real Name Unknown
Alias(es) Tanya Walker
Birth Date
Death Date 1982
Related Characters
Partners Michael Long (betrayed)

Tanya Walker was an industrial spy in the Knight Rider.


While little is known of Tanya and her past, she was responsible for the murder of Michael Arthur Long.

She was linked to an international criminal by the name of Cameron Zachary. In fact, Tanya and Mr. Zachary were lovers. Not only that but it was Cameron who originally planned the hit on Long and his partner Muntzy during their original investigation.

Once Zachary discovered Michael Long was still alive as Michael Knight he wished to avenge her, indicating that Tanya and Cameron were very close.

Michael pursued her to an airport where she tried to make her escape, but it failed, Zachery was knocked out by Michael and Tanya, in a fit of unthinking vengeful rage tried to shoot him again while he was still inside K.I.T.T. Despite Michael's warnings that K.I.T.T was bulletproof, Tanya shot at him resulting in the bullet ricocheting off the window and killing her.





Episode Appearance

Episode 101: Knight of the Phoenix


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