The Sirens

Sirens are Newcastle-based R&B, Pop and Hip Hop girlband, known best for their top fifty single "Baby (Off the Wall)".


The Sirens line-up originally consisted of Karina Brians, Kat Haslam, Lynsey Schofield and Michelle Heaton[1]. Heaton left the band before their debut single was released and was replaced by Lea Cummings [2]. They dubbed themselves Sirens in honour of the infamous Greek myth of three beautiful women luring sailors to their deaths by singing to them.

Karina left school at 14 to try and make money by doing a variety of jobs before running her own stable yard. Katherine set up her own business as soon as she was old enough. However, when they met aged 17, both knew that their future was in writing and making music together.

Control Freaks

To get their big break, Karina and Katherine not only sold their cars to finance their studio demos in London, but they also slept rough. After a variety of early trial and error line-up's Sirens were formed when Lynsey and friend-of-a-friend Lea joined. Soon after, the girls inked a deal with indie label Kitchenware Records, also home to Editors.

Their debut single was a cover of N*E*R*D's "Things Are Gettin' Better". Their second single "Baby (Off the Wall)" became their highest charting single, peaking at number forty-nine on the UK singles chart. Their debut album Control Freaks, released two weeks after "Baby (Off the Wall)", became a club hit in the UK and achieved commercial success in the Far East, which allowed the band to create their second album.

Lynsey's Departure

Between albums Sirens released a non-album single "Love Hurts" featuring a sample from the late rapper ODB. This was the final single with group member Lynsey, who left the after the release of the single.

Second album - Say Goodbye to LA LA Land

Their second album, ’Say Goodbye to LA LA Land’ saw the band writing and recording in Los Angeles with producers Wayne Rodrigues, Justin Trugman, D.C. Joseph and DeeKay. Rap contributions come from Najee and D-Roc from New York. The album is being mixed by Dave Pensado, noted for his hits with Christina Aguilera and The Black Eyed Peas and is due for release in 2008 [3]. The first single off the album is to be 'Club La La'. The release date for the album is the 16th June 2008 in the UK.



Statistics Singles
Control Freaks
  • "Things Are Gettin' Better"
  • "Baby (Off the Wall)"
Say Goodbye to LA LA Land
  • "Club LA LA"


Year Title Chart positions [4] Album
2003 "Things Are Gettin' Better"
<center> <center>Control Freaks
2004 "Baby (Off the Wall)" <center> 49 <center>
2005 "Love Hurts" (featuring ODB) <center> 140 <center> <center>-
2008 "Club LA LA" <center> - <center> - <center>Say Goodbye to LA LA Land

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