Knight Rider Character
Wilton Knight
Actor Richard Basehart
Real Name Wilton Knight
Birth Date
Death Date 1983
Age about 70
Affiliations Knight Industries
Position Creator and owner of Knight Industries
Related Characters Elizabeth Knight (wife, deceased), Garthe Knight (son, deceased), Jennifer Knight (daughter)
Partners Devon Miles

Wilton Knight was self-made billionaire and the founder of the Foundation for Law and Government (FLAG). Richard Basehart portrayed the character and was also the narrator of the show's opening segment.


After Michael Long is shot in the face, Wilton Knight rescues him and has his doctors save his life and give him a new face which matches that of Wilton's son, Garthe. He also gives Michael a new identity as Michael Knight, the muscle behind FLAG.


Wilton often said, "One man can make a difference," meaning any person's efforts help, especially in the fight for the greater good.




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